What is Seo Optimization

What is Seo Optimization 

The first thing we need to learn while we are looking into how to best represent your business in search results is what exactly  Seo Optimization  is. To start with this topic, let’s look into how Google works. So to start, we all know that Google started its days as simply a search engine. This is the part of the Google company that we need to learn about, so as we refer to Google, we will be referring to its search engine capabilities.
 Seo Optimization

Google works by using algorithms based on what you type into its search bar. It also uses things called spiders, or crawlers, to search for information all over the internet. The main thing that Google runs on, however, is something called Key- words. Keywords are the main base of  Seo Optimization  and they are something that you will completely master creating by the end of this book. We will look into keywords in great detail in the next post what they are, why they are important, and exactly how to use them to benefit you and your business as much as possible.

For now, just remember that they are extremely important in the way that Google works. Another thing that is important in how Google works is that it looks into how long websites have existed. If your website has been around for years, it has a much better probability of showing up in a Google search than a website that was just created yesterday. Google does this because websites are easy to create and surprisingly, new websites are actually created every single day from all around the world. Some of these websites become a big deal. Think of Facebook, for example. One day it was just a brand new website.

A few years later, it was something that everyone in the world knew about and something that most people in more privileged countries use on a daily basis. Other websites, however, maybe like the nutrition blog your old high school classmate started on a whim, will be posted to three or four times and then forgotten about and/or given up on. Google needs to tell the difference between these two types of sites, which shows why it matters not only how good your site is, but also how long it has been around online.  Seo Optimization  also looks into how much traffic, or how many people are clicking on and visiting your online site, your webpage is getting.
A website that has only been clicked on three hundred times is much less relevant to what a person is searching for than a website that has been vied many millions of times. When people search on Google, they are usually looking for accurate results and usable information. If a site has been clicked on many times, Google knows that the information it has is useful and relevant. Lastly,  Seo Optimization  also looks at how many other sites online have clickable links that direct viewers to the website. If your site is referred to by many other websites and there are many links out there that direct right to your site, Google knows that people online like your information.

They know that people refer you as a great source, which allows them to believe that you are a great source as well. This is actually the best way to get your site to show up in Google searches because they put so much trust in your website when other real people continue to refer it and advertise it. So far we know that Google works through keywords, the age of websites, how much traffic a website gets, and how many links direct to a website. These things all make sites show up higher in search results and without these things, results are obviously much lower. It is also important to note, however that Google keeps some secrets as to how it works as well.

It is definitely the best search engine avail able and everyone who uses the internet knows this. If Google gave away all of their secrets and every piece of how their search engine worked, other search engine sites would be able to copy them. They would then no longer stand out as the top search engine, so of course they cannot share all of their information with us. These are the most commonly used ways in which Google ranks websites for their search results, but let’s look into the entire top ten ranking factors that they use as well. We can never have too much information on how Google works, because we want our website to fit exactly what they are looking for in order for it to show up as a top result.

1.The first ranking factor for Google is making sure that your website is safe and secure. It cannot have links to viruses or other malicious sites or soft- ware, because people trust google to only bring them to safe sites. Google needs to keep up this reputation by not listing sites that are not safe and secure. In this same category, your site also needs to be easy to access. If it is a website that people cannot see or people have a hard time seeing, this hurts Google’s reputation as well. People want results that will help them, not things that they cannot see. Because of this, Google will not rank your site high if it is not easily accessible.

2.The second thing that Google looks into is the speed of your website. People do not like to wait a long time for things to load. Because of this, your website needs to be quick in order to show up well in Google search results.

3.The third thing Google looks into is that your site is able to be viewed well on mobile devices. This is because almost all of the web surfing that hap- pens today is happening on smartphones. People still use computers often, but the typical simple Google search is done on phones more often than not. If your website only loads well on a computer screen and is difficult to use from a smartphone, it will not rank high in Google search results.

4.The fourth thing that Google looks into is how long your website has been around on the internet, which we looked into previously.

5.The fifth thing that Google looks into on your site is how relevant and useful your information is. If your information does not match the searches, it obvi- ously will not show up in the results. For example, if you have a pizza parlor your website will not show up when someone searches for “dog groomer near me”.

6.Google of course also looks into technical  Seo Optimization . We will discuss this in great detail later, but it involves keywords, web analytics, and other technical features of the search engine results.

7.The experiences that users of Google have on your site is important as well. Google uses a site called RankBrain to see what people around the world think of different websites. The ones that are well-enjoyed will show up in the top search results while the ones with bad reviews or no reviews will not show up well.

8.As well mentioned earlier, links that lead to your website are extremely important as well. This detail has a heavy weight in Google’s decision on where to rank your site.

9.Social signals are important to Google. This includes the amount of traffic, or visitors, that view your site as well mentioned earlier as well as how your site does on social media, which we will look into in great detail later in the book.

10.The last thing that Google looks into while they are ranking your site is that you have information about a real business. If your site leads to a real place, it will show up much higher in search results. This tool is especially important to pay attention to when you are creating a site that you want people to find who are local and close to you

The reason why we need to know how Google works is because it helps us to ensure that our results rate well in every category that they look into. Now, let’s look into some things that used to help in search engine optimization but are no longer useful at all. The first thing that people used to do but should no longer do, is to add many links to your web content just to look better to Google. Google has changed to look at the quality of your links and not the quantity of them. 

If your site links to ten small sites that have little to no traffic, it will not show up in search results as well as a site that has two great, highly visited sites linked into their content. This also means that if your twenty mom-blog friends link to your website, it may not help you very much in terms of your SEO. However, if you get a link to your site from a well-known company, this will help your  Seo Optimization  greatly. The next thing that people used to focus on but should not anymore is making

sure they always have the number one spot on Google. Google today is filled with ads, so even if you are the number one result, you may not show up at the top of the page. This also means that people are more likely to scroll down and pick the result they find the most helpful or interesting. Because of this, you are just as well off if you appear in the top five results rather than going out of your way and wast- ing time, energy, and resources to be the number one. 

It is also important to remember that your main goal is to make a website that people like and that they can benefit from. It needs to represent your business well. If your site does not do this, it does not matter where you show up in search re sults. You may have high traffic, but people will leave your site quickly if it is not helpful or enjoyable. Because of this, do not focus too much on  Seo Optimization . If SEO is the only thing you focus on, you may forget the purpose of your website. If you forget your purpose, you will have a great SEO result and a website that no one likes.

People also used to make sure that their websites were huge with many pages and a large amount of information. If you do this, you may forget to make posts that are again useful and that people enjoy. This is an area where quality is much more important than quantity. A few useful posts and pages are much better and more appreciated that one hundred sites that do not have the information that peo- ple are looking for.
Also, you need to be careful with your keywords. Logically, more keyword usage will make your results show up higher in Google. However, if you use your key- word too often, it will be difficult for readers to understand your content. If you use your keyword incorrectly, it will definitely turn people away. Overall, when you are building a website today you need to pay more attention to the people who will be visiting it than the SEO. Of course you still need to use SEO tools to help people find your site easily and quickly, but use them tastefully. 

This is a switch in mindset from how  Seo Optimization  used to be used. It is, however, a very important thing to understand. Another thing to pay attention to when working on your SEO are the three SEO success. These include Authority, Trust, and Relevance. These three pillars mean exactly what you probably think they mean. Authority means that you need to ensure that your audience (and Google) believe that you are a person that they should listen to about the topic you are writing about. 

Do you own the business that the page is for? Do you have a doctorate degree in the subject being discussed? Do you have many years of experience in the business or topic being discussed? If so, you have the authority to speak on that topic or business. For trust, you simply need to make sure that what you are writing can be trusted. Is your information from personal experience? Do you cite sources or include links to where you found the information? Is your writing honest and are your reviews
truthful? If so, your readers (and Google) can trust you. Lastly, relevance makes sure that the topics you write about on your site go along with the information peo ple are searching for. For example, if you have a food blog and people come to you for recipes, post about food and not articles about horses or something else com- pletely unrelated. Following these three pillars of success will help you  Seo Optimization  and will keep readers happy with your website.
It is also extremely important to note when speaking of Google, that their algorithms change and their website updates. It is very important to stay ahead of these updates. If a big update takes place and things change drastically, your SEO could suffer. To avoid this, pay attention to the news on this topic. Follow along with reported upcoming updates and research them to see if they are real. If they are, be ready to change things up to  Seo Optimization   in the latest way possible.

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