What is Magento Web Development

What is Magento Web Development 

It is not wrong to say that Magento Web Development is the world's biggest e-commerce infrastructure. In the area of e-commerce , billions of dollars are sold on magento platform, which is a best example for other infrastructures .

It Offers convenient shopping experience to its customers thanks to the perfect combination of digital and physical marketing processes, magento continues to be developed and used vastly today.
Magento Web Development

 Magento Web Development, first released in 2008 , has led to  big changes in the e-commerce sector. It achieved a million downloads in the 18 months after its release , Magento has helped thousands of merchants to reach more than one billion dollars worldwide . The Magento company,was purchased by ebay in 2011, is actively perfectings its software and is one of the most demanded e-commerce software in the sector. According to the latest information, Magento Web Development  is preferred in 20% of the electronic online sales. The average purchase of $ 25 billion per year is realized by Magento users.

 Magento Web Development is Paid?

When Magento launched in year of 2008, it was launched in two different packages . One of these Community edition open source and free versions, while another is offering to different needs and annual billing  for Enterprise version.Don't think that  Enterprise is a “better version than the Community version . For some businesses, the Enterprise edition may be less functional and useless compared to the Community edition.

Magento community edition

Magento Community Edition package; It is open source and free to use. Being an open source allows users to make different changes to program codes according to their needs , customize them and build an Magento Web Development based advanced e-commerce store with various add-ons. Although there is no need of support provided to the technical support team for this package, you can get support with Magento forums and community forums.

Millions of users from worldwide, can use Magento Community Edition to configure their required e-commerce store using tips and tricks shared by Magento users on the Web.

Magento enterprise edition

Enterprise Edition of Magento; This is the version designed for stores that are above entry level and cater to a serious audience . If the software in Community Edition doesn't meet your needs, you can opt for the Enterprise Edition with advanced functional features.

Enterprise Edition users have the advantage of receiving first-hand security updates, as well as receiving mail and telephone support from Magento's dedicated support line . Enterprise Edition is the sum of the stores that want to use the annual 15 thousand to 18 thousand dollars in annual license and usage fee must be paid.

Magento Web Development Advantages

 A website  improved due to the open source infrastructure and flexibility. To create and manage product catalog, adding new ones to existing products, make bulk product update, you can easily perform transactions such as inventory management.
Keyword and URL optimizations, canonical link adjustments, sitemap creation opportunities, providing properties with significant advantages in terms of SEO as rich snippets. 
Marketing, customer support, payment, accounting, analysis, sales, extensive plug-in options for all kinds of categories, such as shipping or site optimization is available. Many can be easily integrated with 3rd party software.

How To Install Magento Web Development 

  •     To perform your Magento Web Development  installation, you first have a web hosting service running on the Linux os. Once you have these services, you have to download the required files to your computer by going to  Magento's official website link and extract the zip files to a folder.
  •     After extracting files, we need to create a database file for Magento software to our work. (At this stage, we will show you how the related operations are performed via cPanel.) To create the database file, log in to control Panel with your username and password.
  •     After logging in, click on the MySql Database Wizard menu. Specify the name, user name, password of the database you will create on the opened page and select the user's privileges on that database.
  •    Then open your website by entering your domain name in the form of websitename.com via your browser. On the page you will see a ready-made design by Magento Web Development . Proceed to the first step by accepting the agreement.
  •     In the first step, check your system is suitable for Magento installation. If you get an error at this stage, you cannot continue the installation. In such a case please check your access to php.ini. If you are not familiar with the subject, Magento’s related documentation will help you.
  •     If your system is suitable for Magento installation, the following screen will appear. In this case, you can continue the installation by clicking the next ”button.
  •     In the second step, you need to enter your database information as follows.

  •     Database Server Host: localhost
  •     Database Server Username: The user name you created for the database.
  •     Database Server Password: The password you create for the database.
  •     Database Name: The name of the database you created.
  •     Table Prefix: Leave blank.
  •     In step 3, you will need to confirm the URL extensions of your site and admin panel. After entering the relevant information, click “next” to continue the installation.
  •     In step 1, you are asked to select the currency, time zone and language you will use on your Magento system.
  •     In step 3, you need to create your admin account which is necessary for the management of your site.
  •     New Username: Admin username.
  •     New Email: The e-mail address of the admin account.
  •     New Password: The password for your admin account.
  •     After entering the relevant admin information, click Now Install Now an button to start the installation process. After the installation process is completed, you will see a “successfully installed Magento Web Development  onscreen. After this stage, you can start using your site.

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