Troubleshooting Common Seo Problems

Troubleshooting Common Seo Problems

Sometimes, optimizing your SEO can be a frustrating process. Things can go wrong and you can lose the results that you worked so hard for. You can do all of the necessary steps and still not see the results that you so badly want to see. Because this can be difficult and frustrating, we are going to help you learn about common problems with SEO as well as how to troubleshoot each of these tricky issues.

seo problems

What to do when your site is not on google search result

 First, let’s look into what to do if your site in not showing up at all in Google’s search results. The best way to check if your site is showing up is to type in your exact URL into the search bar. This should bring up a clickable link to your web page. If it does not, then your site is not showing up at all in the Google search results. 

How To Fix?

How can you fix this? It seems like a very complicated issue, but it actually is something that you can fix. You will want to check your site’s Google search performance. It is likely that you need to greatly improve your SEO optimization as well as other aspects of your web page in order to allow it to show up in the rankings.

Another reason why your site could be not showing up in the Google search results is because it is too new. Google needs some time to process and rank new sites, so its possibly that your brand new site may not be visible in Google search results for a little while after you create it. If this is the problem, there is not much that you need to do to fix it. In fact, there really isn’t anything that you could do to fix this even if you wanted to. In this circumstance, you would simply need to give Google time. If your site is set up well and your SEO is at least off to a good start, your web page will show up in Google search results soon enough. 
Remember those crawlers and spiders that we keep going back to? They could be the reason why you are not showing up in Google searches as well. If these spiders and crawlers cannot access your site, Google may not be able to see enough information to accurately display you in their search results. In order to make sure that these crawlers and spiders can do their job, you need to make sure that your website is accessible, that it has a good site speed, and that your site and URL are structured well. If you do not do these things, then the spiders or crawlers will have a very difficult time viewing your site if they can at all, and because of this they will not bring very much information if any back to Google. 

This will cause you to either not rank at all in Google search results or cause you to rank extremely low. It is actually even possible that you are blocking these crawlers or spiders from reaching your page, and you may not even know that you are doing this. Some blog and website making software and websites like WordPress, for example, has an op- tion that will completely block crawlers or spiders. If you accidentally checked the box that tells WordPress or any other site to do this, you will need to uncheck the box to make sure that spiders and crawlers are always able to access your site. After all, we know that they are extremely important.

Work on Keyword

 It could also mean that you need to work on your keywords if you do not show up from Google searches. If your keywords are not placed correctly or if the keyword density on your site is not optimal, this could greatly affect your results in Google. It could also mean that the keyword you are using is not generating the results that you want. If this is the case, you would need to research new keywords and pick one that will perform better for you on your site. 

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Check Website Coding

If none of these situations apply, check your website’s coding. It is possible that when you set your site up or when someone set your site up for you, it accidentally got set up with a “no index” tag. This type of tag would make your website not show up at all in certain Google searches. Check with the person who made your website to see if they could have accidentally done this. If you made your web- site, look into your coding for signs that you may have made a little mistake in this area that caused these tags to be added. The good thing is that as soon as your no index tags are removed, your site should show right back up in your Google search results.

Google Penality on webpage

 If all of these things look good on your site but you still are not seeing it show up in Google search results, try to figure out if Google could have possibly taken down your web page. Google takes down sites everyday. They do this both if the site does not meet the Google quality guidelines and if it for some reason contains untrue or illegal information. If your site has been removed from Google, you will probably need to reach out to see what it was that you did wrong on your site. When you figure out why exactly your site was removed, you can go ahead and fix that problem. This should make your web page show up in Google search results fairly quickly once again. 

Rank your Business Name

Now that we know what to do if your site is not showing up in Google search results at all, let’s move a little farther forward. Next, we are going to look into what you should do if your website is not ranking in the results for your own business name. Obviously, this is a problem that you do not want to have. It means that when people know about your company and they want to find it, they will either not be able to find it at all or they will at the very least have an extremely difficult time finding it.This will definitely hurt your site traffic and it will also probably hurt your complete business as well. 

The first thing to do when this problem arises is to make sure that you are not checking your Google search results from your own browser. If you are, Google may be showing you different results because they know that you own your website. This could make your website come up as the top result for you since Google knows you visit it often, and this may make you think your SEO is in great standing when in all reality it needs a lot of help. It could also do the opposite.

Googling your own site from your own browser could make your web page not show up in the results at all, even if you are searching your business name. This is because Google is giving you results for what you search for, they know that you already have access to your own website and the information that it holds. Because of this, they are showing you new information. 

To get around this feature in Google, you will want to open up an incognito, or secret, tab on your computer or mobile device. When you do this, Google will show you what everyone else in the world sees when they search the name of your site instead of just what Google shows to you. This can help you to get a clear and correct image of how Google portrays you to random searchers on the internet at this time. If you see what everyone else sees, you will probably find out that your web page actually is showing up in Google search results. You may even see many ways in which you can improve your SEO and get your rankings to move up higher on the list.

 Another thing to look into if your site is not showing up when you search for your own company name is to check on your SEO tactics. Make sure that your key- word usage is in good shape. Make sure that your site is readable and usable. Make sure that it has a structure that actually makes sense. Look into your analytics and search for reasons why your website may not be going as well as you think it is going. 

If it is not showing up in very exact Google searches, it probably needs quite a bit of formatting help before it will be ready to be published again. If you follow the tips we have shared with you in this book, however, fixing your website should be a pretty quick and painless process.

Worse Ranking

Now that we have looked into what to do when you cannot find your website on Google in their search results, let’s look into what you can do when you do find your website but it happens to be at a much worse ranking than it was when you checked in on it the week before. There are many reasons why you could see a Google ranking drop, let’s look into what they are and what you can do if they happen to you and your website. The first thing that could make your rankings drop significantly is if you receive a Google penalty. 

Google penalties happen when you do not follow along with the Google quality standards. You can tell that this is the problem with your site if you type in different searches with multiple different keywords, and your site is significantly lower than it used to be for every single search that you do. If you happen to find that you have received a Google penalty, first you should figure out why you received it. You can then go ahead and fix the problem. This should make your rankings go back up to where they used to be in just a little amount of time. 

Your Google rankings could also drop when another search result, one of your competitors, moves ahead of you in the rankings. This can mean that they some- how improved their SEO to the point that they show up higher in the results than you do. This one is a little more difficult to come back form as it takes some time, but you will need to work on your SEO to once again surpass this competitor. Consider looking at the site of your competitor.

What are they doing to improve their SEO? How are they tackling the ever important task of link building? It is obvious that what they are doing is working well, so you may even want to consider copying what they are doing. They are showing you that their tactics are giving them the results that you want and need, so you might as well try these tactics for yourself. 

On Page issues can cause your site’s ranking to drop as well. These problems could be something as simple as broken links. If your google search result rankings seem to be dropping from on page issues, consider carefully reviewing all of the content on your site as well as the features that your site has. If you can find an error, fixing it will probably help you to move back up to where you were and where you want to be in the search results. 

Another reason why your search result rankings could have dropped is because there was a recent change to Google.Google has many updates and is constantly trying to improve. Because of this, they often change the algorithms that they use to rank search results as well. If you can find no reason why your site should be dropping based on how it looks or how your competition looks, check in with Google. If they have recently done an update, you will have found your issue. You can also try to stay ahead of Google updates as well. If you know when the updates are coming, you can adjust your site so that its ranking never actually gets to the point where it will drop. 

The last reason why your site may drop that we are going to look into together is classed a Google Flux. This Google Flux is something that you have no control over. They are also unpredictable, so you will never be able to tell when they are going to happen. They make your site drop for no reason. Luckily, this is not a permanent drop and your site will be back at the ranking that it belongs in within a few days. If you can find no reasons for your site to drop based on your web page and based on your competitors, and you also see no signs of a Google update, it is probably a Google flux. Try not to worry and check back in a few days. Most likely, your search result rankings will be back to normal.


 These are the most common problems that you may face that lead to your Google search result rankings dropping. When you see them, you can look back to this post so that you are able to help your rankings return to normal. With this information, you should be able to troubleshoot any search engine ranking issue that comes your way. If you are still having a hard time with your SEO, however, you may just feel like you need some advice or help from a professional.

 Professional help is always a great thing to have, but of course it can be extremely expensive. Luckily, there is a tool that allows you to get free SEO help from a professional online. This tool is a website called WiSEO. On this site, you can type in a question that has to do with any part of SEO. When the professionals on the website see your question, they will take the time to answer your question. They do not do this for money of course because their service is free. They do this simply to help you in your journey with SEO.

 They are a great resource to keep on hand. Overall, with the information in this chapter, you should be able to solve any search result ranking that comes your way. If you come across a problem that you are not able to solve, you can always reach out to the experts at WiSEO for free, professional help. 

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