Instagram Growth Strategies Complete Guide

Instagram Growth Strategies Complete Guide 

Instagram Growth Strategies

Page name 

Your page name should be simple, describes your niche, and related to it. Usually, your name is related to your niche, or has a similar sound to it, keep in mind that this is also an SEO word that can be found around the WWW by users searching for niche related topics, use our free guide as reference to learn how to create the best name, IMPORTANT! 


Use your biography wisely. No one wants to read paragraphs in biographies. Keep it simple too, so maybe 2 short phrases describing your niche, contact information (A Must have), that’s basically all you need. No one cares where you’re based; no one cares if you’re selling ads so don’t put it in, no one cares how many followers you want to gain by the end of the weekst. The best pages have clean, simple biographies, logos, and unique names.


Make sure your logo is unique, clean, not too complicated, and describes your niche well. Make sure the colors aren’t too overwhelming and keep the design different from the ones you see on other pages, your followers will remember you for your logo. If possible, incorporate your niche into your logo! 
Paid professionals are often a good option to use if you cannot create a unique one on your own, make sure to use a logo that contrasts a whiteboard (White color logos aren't too catchy since Instagram background is white as well). These are the most important elements that separate a good account from a great one!  

Posting photos

Content is the most important key to growing a page. It’s the very first thing people are attracted to when visiting your page (followed by your logo, and biography). We are going to start off with knowing exactly what type of content to post. As much as people do it, it is terrible to just screenshot photos off larger pages of your niche. Not only will it be bad quality, you might also get reported or disabled for using other photographers’ photos, without properly crediting them. 

What you want to do is to make sure you read the caption or tagged people when searching for a photo, so you know exactly who to credit. In fact, you can click into the tagged/credited photographer and take photo directly from their page for maximum quality (Instagram favorers high quality images over poor-quality ones!) besides if the owner of that pictures likes it within your posts, you have more chances to go viral with it. 

Secondly, you need to keep a time track of your posts and know exactly what type of content your followers enjoy and what times to post, stay consistent with posting too. Post at least 3 times a day, and make sure you post at similar times daily so your followers have a glimpse of your activity and when to expect a new post! This is the best thing to do to show your followers, that you’re active.
 After finding out when your post gets the most engagement then post every day at exactly the time. Best time to post according to rounds are 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm Easter Time using New York time zone as a reference, but again create your own prime time or contact us to talk about it!

Going viral

What is the best way to get a viral post? Choose a post that already went viral! The odds are, not all 800 million people on Instagram have seen that post, so it’s likely you’ll go viral again even with the same photo or video. If you see a post that’s perfect for your niche and fits our viral content formula, screen shot it and repost it. Try avoiding captions that are too long, "less is more". Use people/accounts that are successful in your niche as a reference for this step. Most of your followers would rather see quality content, not quality words in your caption. 

The 5 things to always remember are: 

 1. Have a high-quality photo 
 2. Viral photo 
 3. Proper hashtags (according to your specific niche) 
 4. Tag other pages
 5. Well worded and formatted caption, the shorter the better!

 As with every social media platform, having a photo or video going viral is one of the best things that could happen. Not only does it increase your overall engagement and reach, it skyrockets your growth! Make sure to take advantage of engagement groups! Buying a shoutout from a bigger page, or doing shoutouts for shoutouts with others while you have a potentially viral photo on your feed will increase the chances of it going viral.

Viral content formula! 

 Go to Instagram
 Go to the explore page 
 Click the search button Type in keywords in your niche 
 Find 20 accounts in your niche of at least 100k
 Write them all down
 Find the good accounts
 Go to each account look at the last 20 posts 
 Find 3 accounts that have the similar content
 Go to each account and find out which account has the most predictable       engagement
 Does it have pictures ranging from 1-10k likes?
 Have all pictures around a certain number of likes? 
 5k is worst picture 
 10k is best picture 
 Write down that account Calculate likes
 Go to the account 
 Calculate the average amount of likes of the last 12 (Skip the 3 recent       ones) 
 picture posts
 No ads
 No video’s
 Example: 8,567 likes
 Add up all these numbers (93,294 likes)
 Add up the number of pictures (12)
 Calculate the average (93,294 likes / 12 pics = 7,774 likes)

 4. Pick the content 
 A.Find all pictures that have 30% more likes than the average
 B. 7,774 likes x 1,30 = 10,106 likes 
 C. All the pictures with 10,106 likes or more is viral content 
 D. In this case, picture 8 would be viral 

Note: You’ll see that accounts engagement goes up and down, at some point the average amount of likes is 7,774 but if the account starts becoming more active and starts getting more engagement it could be that the average amount of likes goes up to 11,546 likes.

What happens then if you search for viral pictures (10,106 likes or more) you’ll think that almost all pictures are viral. So, make sure to keep that in mind when you’re searching for viral content The above information is purely for repost pages. If you’re creating your own content, make sure it is unique, and never seen before. 
If you go viral, and you’re the first person to produce this unique post, your growth will skyrocket. If you'd like to be unique and not post other people’s viral photos, create your own! I suggest using editing software and make a photo that is rarely seen and extremely different.  

Content creator 

You can always create your own content and edit things into real photos. Some people like to be unique and have their own style of photos, which isn't bad at all! You avoid any chance of being copyrighted as you have created all the photos yourself. You have a very high chance of being featured by random repost pages because they’re all constantly looking for new photos to post (basically free shoutouts from plenty of random people).  

What niche should you go into?

What niche should I start? What niche makes the most money? Which niche is the most popular? These are all questions that are constantly asked on a daily basis. Your niche should depend on what you’re passionate about and what your end goal is. If your end goal is to travel, be free, and you enjoy scenery photos, you definitely should start a travel niche page. If you enjoy collecting cars, or seeing car collections, you know what to do. 

If your end goal is to be a motivational speaker, provide inspiration, brand your own name, make sure to start a quote page to inspire on a daily basis. If you enjoy luxurious photos, start a luxury page, but choose a targeted subniche. Being targeted you have more chances to grow faster, chose from posting cars, watches, travel, luxury essentials/fashion, yachts, money, houses, etc. if you are in the luxury niche. Choose from nutrition, dieting/fat loss, stress management, diabetes, etc. 

if you are in the health niche and so on… Do not start a page and go into a niche because of the money. You’ll eventually lose interest and you won’t have passion for it. With passion, come money, growth and success. Choose your niche wisely and put 100% effort into building on it. As long as you’re enjoying the journey, you’ll never get bored of working hard. Do some research on all possible niches and sub-niches, most popular niches, and what type of pages grow faster.  

Cold facts 

Instagram Growth Strategies is one of the toughest things to do, you may know this, you might not know it, but is only hard if you don't have good mentor and if you are smaller than 10k. After the 10K mark you already have wide variety of techniques under your belt, you know where to put your eggs and everything is much easier.
Remember, even if you are only 18 years old, you have to start thinking as entrepreneur and develop a hustler’s mentality, most of the people give up when things are not going well, especially when you are gaining 15 followers a day, but loosing 30 (it seems like) it happened to me and it happened to many Instapreneurs on daily basis. These are the growth aches, but great things will come to those who hustle. The best thing you can do to start this type of business is to get a BP. If you have a large budget hire a power liking service, its definitely worth it! 


You allow 30 hashtags per photo use 29 plus yours, which is your username. Something like this: #yourusername You should at least have 7 sets of 29 hashtags, I'll be splitting this step into 2.

 Step 1
•Go to 
•Say you are into luxury niche with mansions sub-niche. 
•Research for Luxury hashtags, collect around 500 of them 
•Research for mansion, homes, houses, etc. collect as much as you can. 
•Now collect hashtags related to the pictures you want to post for example is
land houses, mansions with pools, penthouses, etc. 
•Go to a site called: and remove all duplicated words. You should have at least 300 hashtags total, now is time to create your 7, 10 or 15 sets by adding the 3 types (Niche related, sub-niche related and picture related)

Keep in mind that the niche related ones are your big hashtags and most likely one single word, sub-niche related ones are your hashtags with most likely 500,000 posts and the picture related hashtags are your small ones and most likely have the same amount of engagement as that engagement you get in your posts. 

Step 2 

The lazy route; go to an account similar to yours, copy and paste their hashtags, create 7 or 10 different sets, but before you start using them go to run every single set through it so you can remove any link formatting that comes from there (In this case you are not necessarily removing duplicated words, what you are doing is to remove the formatting linking to Instagram that comes with it). 

 The smart phone hacks!

If you want to use your phone for this action (2nd step) you're going to need to create a dummy account, don't use this dummy account in your Instagram app as you aren’t allowed to copy and paste from it, but in your internet browser within your phone, there you are able to copy and paste in order to proceed with this 2nd step suing your phone. 

Shout outs

Join shoutouts groups, do shoutout for shoutout, buy shotouts from pages bigger than yours, but before you close any deal make sure the account you are going to run a shoutout with has great engagement and an active account, as well as gaining great number of followers every day. Check its username on to make sure it's legit! You basically go up a spiral where the more you grow, the bigger SFS partners and pages you’ll be able to connect with without having to pay. 
Keep track of which shoutouts from what pages work the best, and roughly how many followers you’ve gained each time. This way you’ll always know the best places to buy shoutouts from, and the most efficient ones to buy from. With all the growing methods above, you should be growing fine, shoutouts are just for going the extra mile to grow a bit more, but it gets expensive after a while.  

Engagement groups and what it does

Think of engagement groups like this: they’ll be used by Instagram Algorithm to classify your page into a specific niche. If you’re in several different luxury niche groups, Instagram Algorithm will classify your page into a luxury niche. Make sure you join several “engagement groups.” What that does is boost the amount of comments you get early, and with a certain amount of comments/ likes within 10 minutes, you will be put onto the explore page, potentially making you go viral. It’ll snowball you into a bigger page. 

More growing strategies

One extremely useful method is to host giveaways to your followers! After all, they are the reason for where you’re at. What you do is offer a giveaway of some sort, either physical item that you’ll ship to them, or a shoutout! Of course, have conditions to the shoutout so for instance, make sure they have to tag a few friends in the comments, like the photo, and follow you! This way you’ll gain followers from all sorts of people and attraction from new people! It’ll be a win-win situation because they get something in return for following you. 

Aside from hosting your own giveaway, you can host a giveaway for a company of some sort! It is the same concept, except you have your followers follow the company and yourself as well! Usually a company would give you a product or payment of some sort, and in return you host a giveaway on your page that will offer both of your exposure. Everyone benefits from this!  

Getting onto the explore page

To get on there, you need to have a short burst of likes, comments and saves in the first 10 minutes or so of your post. If you get 20-30 comments within the first 10 minutes, it’s a high chance you’ll make it onto the explore page, potentially going viral. How do you get on the top posts of the hashtags you use? Having high engagements on your posts (comments/likes) will get you onto the top posts of certain hashtags. Aside from getting 20-30 comments within the first 10 minutes, it is essential that a big page likes or comments on your photo. You’ll potentially be exposed to ALL of their followers. If you have 5 large pages simply liking or commenting on your photos, it’s most likely you WILL go viral. 

Power likes

Sometimes in your Instagram Business you’ll run across a network that sells likes. In other words, you pay them to like your photos, which will help it go viral. This network consists of big pages that combine to surpass a few million followers together. I knew a guy who was paying 1000 dollars a month, he when from 0 to 220k followers in 3 months. 3000 dollars sounds a lot, but he's already making much more than what he originally invested. 

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