Building Link- How to Rank Extremely High on Google

Building Link- How to Rank Extremely High on  Google 

The best way to raise your rank in the search results is through Build Link. Both having links to strong content and being linked to from other websites helps your SEO greatly. In this post, we are going to look into something called building link. We will talk about what building link is exactly, a dirty little secret that no one tells you about building link, how to use building link and how not to use it, and more. 
Building Link

First, let’s look into what building link really is. Building link is the process that you use to get other websites and their authors to link to your page. Remember, this is the factor that Google gives the most power to when ranking you in their search engine results, so it really is very important if you want your SEO to be successful. Building links both brings new visitors to your site and therefore adds to your traffic, and also adds to your level of authority when Google looks into your page. It shows that other people on the internet like your information and that they trust you. It shows that your content is beneficial, useful, and readable. It proves to Google that you probably have many of the important SEO factors, because people would not link to you if you did not have these. 

It is important to know that there are two ways to get people to link to your site and that they are definitely not equal in their benefits. The first way that you can get linked to is to purchase backlinks. You can go online and pay a person or company to link to your site. This process is not ideal and should be avoided if possible. This can make you have links to your site that are from low quality places. It can even get your site blocked or banned for using this method of backlinking. This is because Google wants their results to actually be useful and have real authority, not authority that you can purchase on the internet. The way that you should get people to link to your site is called the natural way. This process is difficult and it takes time and maybe even a little bit of luck, but it 

helps your SEO greatly so it is very worth it. It is also important to note that even though you are getting links naturally, not all links are as helpful as others. Links give you better credibility when they are put in a larger website that has great SEO. If you get linked to in a site like National Geographic, for example, this would be huge. Not only does National Geographic have a huge following and list of readers that would possibly click on your link and be turned into your traffic, but they are also a big, trustable source in the eyes of Google. When Google sees you linked to popular or well-visited websites, they give you a higher ranking in their search results that if you were linked to in a smaller, less visited page. 

Think about if instead of being linked to in National Geographic, you were linked to in your cousin’s parenting blog that has about twelve trusted followers. This would cause much less traffic to visit your site through clicking the link, if any at all. Your cousin’s blog also isn’t a source that Google knows as credible, so it would not heighten your SEO results even close to as much. It is important to remember, however, that any natural link is better than noth- ing. These links are still factored into your Google rankings. Even if it just a link from a small business in your area, it is much better than having no links at all in terms of your SEO.

So, building link is very important as you can see. It is important because it brings new visitors to your site. It is also important because it improves your credibility in the eyes of Google, which in turn allows you and your site to rank higher within their billions of results. Next, let’s look into a dirty little secret that typically no one would tell you about building link. We are telling you this because we want you to succeed, so we are giving you every piece of information that we have and every piece of knowledge that you will need in order to be extremely successful with your SEO. The big secret in building link is that Google is watching what you are trying to do. 

They are watching you and they are trying to stop you. Google knows that people have come up with strategies to be linked to in another peoples’ content. This is not some- thing they want. They want their results to be completely natural and they do not want you to have control over their systems. Because of this, pay attention to the tools and tricks that Google knows about and avoid them. For example, buying links actually used to work until Google found out and made it a process that you want to avoid at all costs. Pay attention to Google and what they are doing at the time. This changes all the time, so you will need to search often to stay updated. Next, let’s look into a linking tool called anchor text. When you put a link in your web page, you can decide if you want that link to simply show the URL of the source or if you want it to appear as something else that can be clicked on.

You can make any words a clickable link with this tool. Anchor text allows you to put links in your content without losing its readability. It also is an easy way to tell people what they link is about, as well as an easy way to give them the site you are refer- ring to just as they are reading about it and actually need it. Anchor text also looks much more professional that a clickable link that displays an entire URL in the mid- dle of your web page content. Anchor text also helps your SEO. The words that you choose to use for your clickable link tell Google what the content of the link is about. They use the words that you use for the link in order to decide what the content of the link actually is without ever needing to go to the linked site. Anchor text also has the ability to show up at the end of a link’s URL.

When the text shows up here, it allows the URL to show what the content of the link is. Google can use this information to tell what the linked site is about as well. There are six different types of anchor text that you can use or that you want others to use when linking to your site. Let’s look into these six types of anchor text now.  

•Exact-Match: This type of anchor text displays the exact same keyword that is 
used for the page that is being linked to. This ensures that it tells the reader what the link will be about. 
•Partial-Match: This includes words that are similar to the keyword on the 
page being linked to, but not the exact same word or phrase. It still shows what the site will be about, however, just not in such an exact and precise way. 
•Branded: This type of anchor text shows the name of the site or brand that is 
being linked to. 
•Naked Link: This is simply using the URL and not choosing a specific word 
or phrase. 
•Generic: This type of anchor text would say something along the lines of 
“click here”. 
•Images: The source for images that are sites are typically put in anchor text 
fashion, allowing readers to click on the links to see where the photo came from and allowing for the writers to give credit to the photographers. 
When you are using anchor text, there are some important things to remember, This does not necessarily benefit your SEO, but it benefits the link that you are using and that person’s SEO. If you benefit another person’s SEO, they may want to help you as well. Because of this and just because it is the kind thing to do, you should make sure that your anchor text is made in the best way possible to allow it to get as many clicks as possible. To make the best anchor text, make sure that it is a word or short phrase. If the phrase you use for the anchor text is too long, it may not look professional, may decrease readability, or may make less people actually go through and click on the link. 

You also need to make sure that the content you are linking to is relevant and useful. Random anchor text links to unrelated or unhelpful sites will only decrease the user approval rate of your own site, which in turn would hurt your SEO. It can also be a good idea to consider not using a person’s keyword when linking to their article. If people continually link to your web page with the same exact keyword, Google may notice this and they may think that you bought the links. Of course, this would not be natural building link so it would hurt your SEO greatly.

 Now that we have learned all about links, what they are, what they do, and why they are important, let’s look into how you can start building link and getting other people on the internet to link to your site. We will start by looking into some beginner strategies in the building link field. One of the easiest building link strategies is to simply ask people you know if they could link to your site on their web page. You can ask family members or friends who have a blog or you could even ask local businesses that are in a related field to your content. You need to be a little bit careful with this strategy, because you only want related and relevant sites to link to your content. If your website is for selling crocheted items, you probably don’t want links from a dentist office in an article that talks about taking care of your teeth, for example. If your website is for a business, another thing that you can do to get a link is to list yourself on the Better Business Bureau. 

When you do this, the website will show a link to your site. This is an expensive way to get just one link, but it’s a strategy to start with and a Better Business Bureau listing may even help your busi- ness anyway. Also consider following along with other blogs that are similar to your website or your content. If you comment on their blogs often, they may start to notice you. They may then check out your page and they may like it and someday even decide to link to it. This is not a way that has guaranteed results, but it is a beginner strategy that is definitely at least worth a try. If your website is a blog, you can also submit it to something called a blog directory. You can find these online and submit your blog/s link to them.

This will help people who are looking for a blog like yours find you. It may also help people with similar bogs why can link build with you find you. If you have a business, you can do the same but look for something called company directories instead of blog directories. This would again help people who are looking for a business like yours to find you online and would count as a link in the eyes of Google. Another thing that you can try is reaching out to the people and the sites that you link to. If you link to someone else, they may feel thankful and want to repay the favor by linking to your site. This is again not a reliable way to do building link, but it is at least worth a shot since writing a simple email does not take long at all.

 Let’s look into some middle-level building link strategies next. If you are a business and you already have customers, you can ask them to review you or to link to you online if they have a place to do so from. This is intermediate because you need to already have customers so you cannot really be brand new to your business and use this technique. You could also consider sending whatever you make or sell to a blogger for free, and asking them to write a review in return. If your product goes to a blogger that has good SEO and a well-established following, it will be a link that will help your Google rankings for sure. You can even consider contributing to sites like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is used often so it is a reliable and useful source to get a link from. It can also be edited by anyone, including you.

 This means that you can go onto Wikipedia, find a related topic to your site, and then you can actually link to yourself. Next let’s look into a few higher-level building link strategies. One thing that you can do is be the first person online to cover a topic or a news story. This is tricky because there are so many people posting online, but if you are truly the first poster you will likely get linked to from most of the posters that follow you. You could also consider buying websites that already exist and have a good fol- lower base. This would mean you would need to run two websites, but you can use your newly purchased site to link to the one that you want to raise in the search engine result rankings. Next you could look into other sites and find one that is missing exactly what you have. 

You could then reach out to the owner of the site and point out what they are missing. You could show them that you have everything they need and they may think about linking to your site. Make sure that you are kind and come across as helpful in this process so that you do not upset the person you are reaching out to. We have covered a lot of information on building link. We talked about what building link is and why it is so important. We looked into how you can get links, strategies that actually work for each experience level, and what you should avoid when trying to get linked to. We talked all about anchor text why it is important, and how to use it. We looked into link outreach and how to do it kindly and cor- rectly. With this information, you will be able to be linked to in many ways and significantly boost your SEO. Remember this information and the tips we have shared in this post and you are sure to find success with building link.

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