All About Online Email Marketing

What Is Online Email Marketing

“Online Email Marketing is a direct digital marketing method used to advertise products and services via email.” It assists you in gaining new customers, increasing sales, and in building brand awareness. Online Email Marketing has come a long way and has been developing rapidly over the past few years. It is still growing as an easy, less expensive and effective communication technique. Many businesses use Online Email Marketing to communicate and build relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Online Email Marketing

An email is an important part of communications, because every communication begins from their inbox. Even with the growth of social media and websites such as Facebook & twitter, people always like to check their email. Marketing email campaigns generally comprise of company information, newly launched products, promotional offers and other information. If Online Email Marketing is utilized in an effective manor it can help create a profitable content marketing campaign. You can also achieve quality inbound leads with an ongoing Online Email Marketing campaign with good returns. 

Online Email Marketing Types

There are numerous kinds of email and it is crucial that you figure out which type of emails are really effective for your Online Email Marketing strategy.

Confirmation Email: A confirmation email states that your audience have accepted your request to add them to your mailing list. This type of email includes sign-up notification, email address verification, subscription updates, and unsubscribed request. Most customers really don’t concern themselves with this email. So, be precise and direct with a short recap of the customer's info that you need to confirm. 

Informational Email: The prime objective of an information email is to instruct your list and subscribed users about the topics in which they are interested. You can send alerts, announcements, press releases, articles, newsletters and information about your products. These types of emails are a great way to exchange information that assists you in improving your brand awareness, revenue, conversions and other objectives. You can schedule emails on weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Lifecycle Email: Lifecycle Email is related to your sales funnel. This email assists you in driving your list a step closer to purchase. It helps you in retention of customers, reactivation of subscribers; and allows business growth and conversion.You can segment your list according to Opt-in, Cart abandon, Welcome mail, Birthday and Winning back email to gain the attention of lost users. 

Transactional Email: Transactional emails are created to acknowledge when users complete an action such as a purchase, refund request, shipping questions, order confirmations, password retrieval, receipts etc. These are the most common kinds of transactional communications. It is really important to acknowledge your customers and that their actions and transactions are treated in an appropriate manner. Promotional Email: Promotional emails are generally used to advertise products and services to persuade customers to make them invest in your brand or offers. Promotional emails assist you in launching a new product or an individual offer, getting sign-ups for an event and setting up the offer that is related to your customer’s reference. Specifically designed newsletters improve your customer’s trust. 

How to get started with Online Email Marketing

Online Email Marketing helps you to create content so that you can circulate information to the right customer at the correct time. Online Email Marketing will help you to develop relationships that are based on quality and trust with your customers and potential customers. 

The ROI (return on investment) of Online Email Marketing is extremely high. Emails are directly delivered to customers’ inbox. It is possible for you to motivate customers to visit websites and to collect their email addresses, which assists you in keeping your brand fresh in their mind and boosts the chance for sales. Before you start Online Email Marketing, you need to know the following to get great results in the long run. 

Define your audience: There are so many people who are really curious about the products you are offering.These types of users can become your customers and newsletter subscribers. You also need to learn about their purchasing behaviours, spending power, employment status, etc. 

Define your goals: If you're sure about your audience, now you can define objectives as to why you want to use Online Email Marketing for your advertising campaign.You need to research what they want from you and what you can provide them via email. Your objective can be acquiring more customers, boost your sales, improve your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your brand.  

Define your strategy: According to the audience and objectives, establish your strategy. You can advertise featured products (yours or products provided by others for which you receive a commission for generating sales) with a discount offer to improve sales or email them about business events and new launches to make your audience aware of products and services. 

Test your strategy: Analyze which of the strategies you use are working for you and optimize your Online Email Marketing campaign accordingly. You should test your content, email layout, subject line, and sending frequency to become an expert as your campaigns continue. 

Latest trends of Online Email Marketing: 

Promoting any business with Online Email Marketing helps you get visitors into the sales funnel by mailing them promotions, updates and informational emails. Featured content is the basis of every marketing campaign.
 Online Email Marketing can also allow you to retarget your existing customers and encourage them to write a review about your brand on social media sites such as Facebook or twitter. This will further increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Like other internet marketing technologies, Online Email Marketing faces variations in trends year over year. These innovations are dictated by customers and advertising approaches that become more popular.

 Quality over Quantity: Businesses need to be careful about quality, and design great content for prospective customers to promote their brand via email. Offering a free giveaway or some valuable offer in your email to get more leads and sales can prove quite effective in increasing the size of your list and the effectiveness of you campaigns. You should test the frequency of your mailings to gauge results. The time that emails are sent, best results for read/open times and the regularity of emails such as number of daily/weekly mailings. 

Images versus Text: "A picture is worth a thousand words”, but customers tend to click on emails that have more text than images. Most customers turn off images because they connect these type of graphics with spam websites. So, text emails are more trustworthy. If you are utilizing graphics in your promotional email campaign, keep them to a minimum. It is more valuable to have your customer’s attention on the written content. 

Go Mobile With Your Online Email Marketing: To achieve the desired outcome, you need to make sure that your Online Email Marketing campaigns are adjusted for all types of mobiles and tablets. You can create your emails as responsive emails. Responsive emails identify the device that the browser is utilizing and switches the layout to the appropriate style. More websites & emails are viewed on mobile devices than on monitors. To not take account of this will cost you dearly.

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