What Is Black Hat SEO | Instant Trick

What Is Black Hat SEO | Instant Trick

Black Hat SEO may seem like a shortcut to improve your ranking and gain visibility in the search. But think twice before starting down this path.Black Hat SEO techniques can hurt your search engine optimization more than they can help you.Black Hat SEO is one of the biggest problems encountered in seo studies. It is basically the process of increasing the reputation of a website with illegal methods in the eyes of search engines. This process is performed by unacceptable methods that are not approved by the search engines.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO,
as the name implies, is a process called black hat, which is carried out by processes not recommended by the search engines and which causes very serious results when detected by search engines.With these methods, the search results of Google and other search engines will get good results in the short term, and the website will be promoted to the first place, but it will cause the website to receive very serious and permanent penalties in the long term by search engines.

What is Black Hat SEO?

As the name implies, the term black hat seo, which is not recommended to be done by Google and otherwise causes permanent problems, is a way of working. The site / address of this kind of processing will appear in the short term in the ranking of Google and other search engines,and will make room for long and permanent penalties in the long run. From here, we can understand that in the short term, it is necessary to stay away from the services provided with page 1 guarantee.

Black Hat SEO Types

This system is divided into 2, including on-site and off-site. In-site SEO is also unnoticeable to major errors, the site is mostly out of the competition for rival sites or short term front pages can be described as an increase.

On-site: In-site logic of unnecessary and excessive links on the homepage, excessively used tag clouds, referenced site (link output) bad and meaningless code strings are different coding structures.

Off-site: In the off-site logic, content from different sites to the main page, either in keywords or in different words, sending thousands of links to the original site and causing them to be sent to sandbox or filter.To not get in the way of search engines and users, focus on White Hat SEO SEO techniques and avoid the following SEO black hat SEO tactics.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Publish poor quality content

Search engines prefer websites that have a lot of high quality content. Because high quality content is neither easy nor cheap to create, many black hat SEO marketers are trying to beat the system by posting a lot of poor quality content.Instead of this black hat SEO tactic, create for readers a relevant and valuable SEO content that meets the research intent.
Fill in keywords and duplicate content
Keyword stuffing is about using a keyword excessively in your content to try to get search engines to rank the page for the target term. Duplicate content publishes the same content on multiple pages of a website for the purpose of attracting search engines . These two tactics generally go against search engine guidelines.
Instead of stuffing keywords and duplicating content, use keyword optimization best practices and a duplicate content checker to make sure your pages send the right signals to search engines.

Cloaking is a Black Hat SEO technique used to get search engines to rank the content of a specific search term unrelated to the context of the web page. Cloaking shows a piece of content to users while displaying a different content item for search engines.

Using misleading redirects

Fake redirects are another round of black hat SEO used to deceive audiences and search engines. A redirect link is created to direct users and search engines to different pages. Otherwise, a higher quality page is redirected to a poor quality page in order to improve search rankings for poor quality pages.

 Shopping backlog
Linking many high quality sites to your site is an off-page SEO technique that can improve search rankings. Instead of organically generating high quality backlinks, black hat SEO marketers can pay websites to link to their site.

Using links batteries and private blog networks

Link farming and private blogging networks are two other ways in which black hat SEO are trying to create links quickly and inorganically. In this situation, marketing uses or pays to use a network of websites created solely to link to sites that wish to improve their ranking in searches.

Spamming Blog Comments 
As part of another attempt to get links to his website, a marketer using Black Hat SEO can comment on dozens and dozens of blog posts with a link to his website.

Abuse of structured data
Structured data or schema markup is code added to a web page to tell search engines what rich information to display on search results pages. Black Hat SEO manipulates structured data so that search engines display false information in search results.

Negative referencing or falsely reported on competing sites
Negative SEO
is a tactic used to give the impression that a competing site engages in Black Hat SEO. The purpose of this tactic is to penalize competitors by search engines. To give the impression that another site engages in Black Hat SEO, or falsely claims that it does so and signalsit to the search engine are two of Black Hat's unsavory tactics.

Link Manipulations
 The link and link networks, which are unnatural and mostly refer to the purchase method, are the links to the website through these pages. Today, Webmaster's link and introductory text purchase is natural and although it seems appropriate by the nature of SEO optimization, it is actually a Black Hat SEO technique. Because we get out of the naturalness that search engines want, and we also interfere with the system.

Spin Article / Content
The   structural modification of any content with the help of software is only to remain semantically the same or become a meaningless content. Imagine you're preparing a content, you change this content structurally using the programs we call spinner.For example, you are using the example instead of the word. The structure of the content has changed but its meaning has not changed. One that also has advanced Spinner softwares that, when you use this software, the software completely replaces the words with a random order. Thus,although the content has changed completely, it is completely meaningless when read by people.

Duplicate Content
To publish content that has already been published, or as a partial change. Subdomains are often used to make copy content more effective.

Hacklink & Concealed Links
Black Hat is the most identified technique with the SEO concept. Hacklink is a link form which is taken from authoritarian and powerful site without the permission of the owner and hidden by various design techniques. Hacklinkler has the effect of creating amazing results in a short time, but it is definitely not a long-lasting or healthy method.

How to analyze your digital spaces?

You already know the Black Hat SEO and some of the most used techniques, but there are many others. Finding the bad practices of your competitors can help you better position your company in the ranking and appear higher in the results pages (SERP).
The trend is that it is not only Google to work in SEO to identify these bad practices. Brands also participate. Many tools allow you to report Black Hat SEO and fraudulent pages.
If you claim that it is an external agency that analyzes the SEO of your company, you must pay attention to all the details, from the presentation to the operation of the website. If you observe a sentence in which they promise a lot to get your attention, be reserved. They may sell you, without your knowledge, results obtained with Black Hat SEO techniques.

The best tips to avoid Black Hat SEO

Faced with this situation, it is essential to identify these bad practices. Otherwise, you will be likely to be penalized by Google. There are tips to avoid this.

1.-Do a thorough SEO analysis

Performing a thorough SEO analysis will avoid major problems. One of the most common practices is the use of hidden text or hidden text .Capturing this type of text is more complex than you think, but some elements will help you visualize it.This type of pages uses the same colors as the background, which makes their detection very complicated. As for the sources, they are generally small, which makes them hardly perceptible. The trick is to show this text in an area that users do not view, so it goes unnoticed in their eyes.
In addition to these methods, there are other techniques. The analysis of the source code of the website is one of them. You can copy and paste the phrase of your choice into a word processor. By increasing the font, you will be able to check if there is hidden text.

2.- Pay attention to redirects

This is another classic trap. To understand Black Hat SEO, you should know this technique. Redirections are done continuously. You visit a website, you click on a section and you are redirected to another page, but with the same domain. This practice is not negative if the contents are coherent.If you go to a website about a topic and the page to which you are redirected is about another topic, it may be misleading. You will also notice that his domain changes. If you have questions, use good tools like Whois .This app gives information about the areas. You can check if they are really registered: otherwise, you are facing a deceptive Black Hat SEO practice.

3.- Detect expired domains

Domains, like many other products, are expiring and, if not renewed, a serious problem may arise. Companies should pay particular attention to the expiry date of their domains. If you do not pay renewal fees, your website will also expire and disappear.
Spammers will try to take advantage of the situation to place as much advertising as possible. Another practice is to buy similar domains, so that if someone makes a typo, she falls into the trap and thus lands on their pages.If you find that the referral is pointing to a site with lots of ads, or the content and domains do not match, beware.

4.- Beware of bots

They are considered pages with content self-generated by bots, or popular robots on the Internet. If you want to optimize your page and improve your SEO, you must be attentive to this question. It is not human beings who create these contents, but robots. It's a profitable business that makes a lot of profit against ad clicks.
A good way to spot this practice is to click on the keywords of the text. You will notice that there are no results or that it is a page containing a lot of ads.The importance of understanding Black Hat SEO comes from the fact that it will help you avoid Google's sanctions. And, more importantly, you'll deliver valuable content to your users that will give them a rewarding experience when they visit your site.

Coobis is a content marketing platform that can help you understand the Black Hat SEO and the dangers it represents for your business by analyzing the more than 10,000 digital media that are part of its directory.At Coobis, advertisers and publishers are united for the sole purpose of creating original and, of course, legal content. Attracting Google is easy if you do it with Coobis.

White Hat SEO and Why It Is Good

The most successful brands opt for white hat seo techniques in their search efforts because the strategy focuses on making your site more visible through quality content and organic link building. Below are some ways you can earn a proverbial white hat:
Quality content: Creating valuable content for your target audience is typically both share-worthy and link-worthy – two key ingredients in driving traffic. Your content should also be original, highly relevant to your niche, and contains no spelling or grammar errors.

Effective keyword research and use: Although keyword stuffing is frowned upon, keywords still hold value when used correctly. Your site should be focused on a set of relevant keywords, and you can identify the most effective words by researching keywords or phrases you think people might use to find your site. Keep in mind that single words are not always the most effective target. Long-tail keywords can be much more specific to your product or service and thus be more effective in ranking higher. Using the fireplace example from earlier, a simple search in Semrush provides a list of words that might be more effective depending on what exactly the product does:

 White vs. Black Hat SEO: What is the Difference

Relevant Backlinks: Google likes to see links leading back to your site because it’s a vote of confidence. If other sites are linking to you, it means you have quality content and therefore will reap the reward with higher search rankings. Keep in mind, though, that there are good links and bad links, so you want to make sure any off-site links are relevant and offer similar high-quality content.
Internal Links: Linking to content within your own site is a great indicator that your site has value so long as you don’t overstuff them. A good rule of thumb is two or three links to deep-seeded pages within your site.
Meta Description: Your site’s meta description is the first couple of sentences that appear in the search results under your page title, and the best ones are actually written for people – not search engines. In other words, they shouldn’t be overstuffed with keywords. 

Final Thoughts:

Ranking Higher Takes Work and Google Rewards Long-Term Strategies While white and black hat SEO strategies share a common goal to improve a site’s visibility, they use very different strategies. An advantage in taking a black hat approach is quick, short-term success through increased traffic, but Google penalties are becoming more and more sophisticated and can have devastating effects on your site. Considering “Google it” is a phrase most of us hear every day, can you really afford to be de-indexed?

This is why many marketers are opting for the white hat when entering the wild world of SEO. Although it will take longer to see results, the strategy focuses on improving your search performance through quality content while playing nice with Google – an ally no one can afford to lose

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