Instagram Business Profile - Everything You Need To Know

Instagram Business Profile - Everything You Need To Know 

Moving to the Instagram Business Profile is an absolute necessity for all Community Managers for several reasons. When running a brand presence on the social network, it is essential to know the performance of each of its publications, and therefore to have access to a statistics module. On the other hand, it is becoming very common for companies to advertise on Instagram, something that instagram personal profiles do not allow.

I will explain throughout this article how to convert your instagram personal profile into a Instagram Business Profile  and all the features you will have access to if you take the plunge.
Well, now I will try to make the easy explanation that from this article you will learn Instagram Business Profile - Everything You Need To Know .

Instagram Business Profile

Let's start with the definitions, so that everyone can understand everything at once.

What is the instagram business profile on social media ?

There are sales-oriented profiles that are becoming widespread with the use of Instagram. Instagram accounts for business, sales and promotion; first of all, it intends to introduce the product later on.  A business profile includes accounts that do not have personal or private shares and promotional products of those accounts. For this purpose, the aim is to increase the number of followers and promoters.
The company advertises the name and product on behalf of the company, while the manufacturer advertises. There is also an information section during product sharing. How to use company accounts on  Instagram has accounts opened on companies and legal entities. The general purpose of these accounts is the field that the manufacturer establishes in his own field and designed to sell the products for this purpose.
These profiles, which are far from personal profiles, are used for biography section site analysis. Here is a small information analysis about the company site and its products. Business profiles are of great interest on instagram. The products to be published with the business profile are included in the profile mechanism with all their information. These accounts, which are slightly different from the personal profiles, aim at the followers. Business profile with Instagram Businesses refer to many methods to advertise and promote their name and product.
Social media is one of them. For business accounts, you must specify this in the organization. There are occasional payments in business accounts. Therefore, you need more details about the establishment and use. Business accounts can also be used after activation.

What Are the Differences Between Instagram Business Profile and Instagram Personal Account?

There are some important differences between business profiles and standard profiles. Let's talk about the differences.
Business Account Differences You can create ads and create ads Your page has contact buttons.
Using the Contact button, users can reach you via e-mail or via your phone number. For this you need to add a number.
Your location is shown on the map with the directions feature.
You can use business tools and get statistics.
It is possible to add a link to stories sharing so that users can make direct referrals. In general, these are the Business Profile differences of Instagram.
It should be noted that the fact that your ads and shares can be highlighted by using the highlights feature is quite positive.

How to create an Instagram Business Profile?

Do you want to create an Instagram Business Profile? Then you must first create a personal Instagram account and then switch to a Business Profile.

Already have an Instagram account?

Do you already have an Instagram account?

If not, please follow all the steps below to create your company page.
Yes? Then start at step 4 below.
In 7 steps to an Instagram business page:

  1. Install the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open the app, sign up for a personal Instagram account and choose a username.
  3. Add a profile photo, a short biography / description and a link to your website.
  4. Go to your profile page, click on the 3 dashes at the top right and click on the gear icon "Settings" at the bottom.
  5. Scroll down and click on "Switch to company profile".
  6. Optional: link your Instagram company profile to your Facebook company page for optimal integration between both platforms.
  7. Check the contact details of your company, make the necessary changes and tap "Ready".
  8. Tip: Preferably choose your company name as your user name. After all, this name is prominently displayed on your profile. In addition, users type that name in to search for your company on Instagram!

Instagram Business Profile: 9 tips and best practices

There you go. Now that you have an Instagram company profile, you can use the tips below to build on them. Get started!

1. Add a good profile picture
Add a recognizable profile picture to your Instagram business page that matches your company's corporate identity. Your company logo, for example.
That profile picture will appear:

at the top of your Instagram company page,
above all your updates
next to all your reactions
and in Instagram's search results.

2. Optimize your biography
Instagram company profile - Shoes Torfs example - LincelotThe short biography on your profile is your introduction for new followers. It's often the first thing they read about your brand. So put your best foot forward to make a good impression!

Make sure your biography:

gives an accurate picture of your company
Connects to the tone-of-voice of your website and your other communication channels.
appeals to your target audience
New followers and potential customers need to know at a glance:

What you stand for
what you're offering
and how they can contact you!
Need inspiration? Click here!

3. Publish unique and eye-catching content
Regularly publish beautiful and original photos and videos that users won't see anywhere else, such as behind-the-scenes photos, sneak previews, teasers and events.

Be authentic and tell the story of your brand. Make sure your photos look good on their own, but also fit within your account as a whole. Don't be afraid to experiment, and pay attention to what your followers like and what messages they respond to.

Instagram VisualsShare only creative and high quality photos in high resolution. After all, the quality of your photos reflects directly on the image and professionalism of your company.

Here you will find tips and tricks on how to create and edit good photos.

Tip 1: Instagram is mainly used on mobile devices. Keep that in mind. Do you use text in your images? Then check whether the text is easy to read on all devices.

Tip 2: Instagram has some creative tools / apps to improve the quality of your photos. Click here to explore all the tools!

4. Play with the link in your profile!
Links you use in the descriptions or captions for your photos and videos are unfortunately not clickable. It doesn't make much sense to add them.

How do you increase traffic to your website? Use the link in your profile. To the fullest! This is the only place where you can place a clickable link. Change that link regularly and tune it to your last post.

For example, did you just post a picture of a red pair of shoes from your online clothing store? Place the link to the product page of those shoes in your profile.

Encourage people to visit that link as well. Close the description with your photo with a call-to-action, for example "Visit our website! Link in bio."

Tip: Always shorten the links you share with Bitly before placing them in your profile. That looks neat and tidy. It's also a great way to keep track of the performance and clicks on your links!

5. Using hashtags
A #hashtag is a word or a sentence with a fence (#) in front. Add 4 to 10 to each (!) description of your Instagram photos and videos to indicate what's on display: the subject, the location, the industry, etc.

Instagram company profile - hashtags - Lincelot

Be specific, relevant and descriptive. That way, your posts will be found more easily by people searching by topic in Instagram's search engine, so you'll be able to attract more visitors to your website.

What's more, users of Instagram are now able to follow not only individuals and companies, but also hashtags! When people follow a hashtag, they occasionally see new popular messages with that hashtag in their timeline.

In other words: do you post quality content with the right hashtags? Then, if possible, you will appear in the news overview of people who may not know your company yet, but are interested in your business or industry.

6. Enter into a dialogue with your followers
As a company, you may post nice photos and videos, but Instagram is a two-way street. Don't forget that! So be sure to enter into a dialogue with your visitors and followers and engage them:

interact with your Instagram community, both inside and outside the app
ask questions in the captions of your photos and videos
Encourage followers to use hashtags about your brand, campaign or event.
Respond to or "like" reactions
"regram" nice messages from your followers or customers (ask permission!)
Keep an eye on what users say about your company and products and respond to them.
organise competitions and winnings
In this way you will build a bond with your customers and ensure more engagement and interaction!

7. Promote your best messages and experiment with ads
If you set up your Instagram account properly and regularly publish strong visual content, you will get a lot of organic reach. Advertising on Instagram, however, also offers many advantages and possibilities:

You increase the reach, visibility and brand awareness of your company.
You give potential customers more information about your products and services.
You increase sales, engagement and conversions.
Instagram Ads - Instagram Company ProfileInstagram Ads fit seamlessly with the other messages that users follow. You can choose from photo ads, video ads or carousel ads.

In addition, you can select your target audience very specifically. This allows you to "target" your target groups:

demographic data
Click here to get started with Instagram ads!

8. Follow your company page with Instagram Insights
Measure, analyze and optimize your Instagram company profile with Instagram Insights. These are useful statistics about who your followers are (gender, age and location), when they are online and more.

You can also view statistics for specific messages and stories you've created to see how they've performed and how involved people are.

Instagram Insights If you don't track your results, you don't know what works and what doesn't and whether your efforts pay off. Just do it! Otherwise, you're doing it for nothing!

Click here for more information about the statistics that you can consult with an Instagram company page.

9. Connect Instagram to other social networks
Connect your Instagram company account to other social networks. That way, you can let followers on other social networks know that they can now follow you on Instagram as well. A quick win to expand your audience!

It also makes it easier to share your Instagram posts directly on - for example - Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to increase your reach.

Tip: also place an Instagram icon or referral on your website, other social channels and in your emails and mailings. Every little helps!

Bonustip: Experiment with Instagram Stories and Instagram TV
A while ago, Instagram introduced 'Instagram Stories' or 'Stories'. This is a separate part of your Instagram profile where you can post photos and videos that only stay online for 24 hours (unless you add them as Highlights to your company profile).


I think now it has become clear to you and we learned about Instagram Business Profile - Everything You Need To Know . By the way, going into a business profile will be useful not only for selling pages, its wide range of possibilities will find its use even on a personal profile.One of the most compelling reasons to switch to a business profile is access to statistics, 

And finally, the pros and cons:
  • Ability to categorize accounts;
  • Access to free profile statistics;
  • Convenience of communication with users;
  • The possibility of conducting a full-fledged online store;
  • The ability to promote the profile without third-party services .
  • Creation is possible only with binding to Facebook;
  • Linking accounts with errors;
  • The inability to make an account closed;
  • The need to plan the cost of promotion.

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