How to Choose a Right Web Hosting Service for your Website

How to Choose a Right Web Hosting Service for your Website

How do we decide if web hosting is good? Are bandwidth and disk storage functions important now? What type of hosting should you go with? Let me help you find the answers to these questions and more. I will guide you along the way with a complete step-by-step guide,Imagine your first website is about to be ready. Literally from the next week should already take the first visitors and convert the first sale. It is beautiful and wonderful. Have you ever thought that the site itself will not work on the Internet? 

From experience, I can say that this issue, because of its insignificance, is often simply ignored by customers. The site owner believes that the functioning of the site on the Internet is a matter of course and does not require any separate attention.Unfortunately, this is not the case. For the site to be accessible to all Internet users, it must be located on a publicly accessible Internet server. In other words, the site must be purchased hosting service.

How to Choose a Right Web Hosting Service for your Website

What is web hosting?

In simple terms, web hosting determines the location of your website on the Internet. For example, take the files that you use every day (documents, images, programs). They can be placed on your computer, laptop or tablet. As a rule, only you have access to these files. If you need to show any document to another person, you will need to send him the desired file. Now imagine that you are sending the file not to one person, but to a large number of users at the same time. This is exactly how web hosting works.

Your website is a “file” that is laid out on the Internet so that other people can see it. You do not need to send the files that make up your site to each interested person. Any user can simply enter the URL in the address bar of your browser and get acquainted with your site!

Why do I need web hosting?

Web hosting allows you to upload ALL the content of your website to the Internet so that any user can access it. Content can be any: corporate website, blog, business card site, or just images.

Agree, it is much more convenient than sending files to each individual? If you blog, instead of posting offline and then sending it to each of your readers, you simply type it directly in the browser and publish it on the site. Done! No extra action!

Moreover, if you had to send your content to each user individually, you simply could not physically distribute your content to a large audience. And when it is freely available, it can be viewed by an unlimited number of people from all over the world. People will enter your site at any time of the day or night.

Type of hosting you need

There are several different types of web hosting, we will tell you everything, so you know what is best for you.

Shared hosting

This is the most common type of storage. Shared hosting is like a building with several apartments, when the elevator, staircase, and building foyer are shared by everyone. Your storage company takes care of the server and its operation. This shared storage is such that all sites are in one storage, share their internal memory, disk space, and so on. It is suitable for small sites that do not have a lot of traffic and have a large consumption of sending e-mail and much more.

Virtual Server - (Virtual Private Server) VPS

As in general storage, virtual dedicated server this storage allows you to manage a little more that shared storage, even higher memory, as well as additional resources. But the difference is that you must take care and maintain it. More suitable for medium sites with higher traffic and how to use more. This storage space you receive, and the system currently valid licenses can be used as a regular server. Another thing is that you can add domains as you want. Its price is higher than general storage.

Dedicated server / hosting

This type of hosting is higher class than VPS, it is like buying a house / villa. You do not transfer information and resources as internal storage, and no one is on the server unless you allow them, and the level of security is the highest. The highest flexibility and is suitable for large companies and enterprises, as well as for large sites. You get a server with an operating system and can use it yourself, without other factors. Its price is much higher virtual server.

Cloud hosting

Cloud storage is another type of hosting when using multiple data storage servers and you can have everything you want to save this look. It can accommodate up to small and large businesses, and its price depends on your use, which means that the payment is due to use. The storage type is suitable for enterprises that each user will be able to support hosting without a hosting company.

Windows Hosting or Linux hosting?

Windows and Linux are two of the leading web hosting operating systems. Linux is a more popular operating system because it is more flexible. The Linux operating system supports more features and tools like PHP, MySQL, Python, WordPress, and more. Windows operating system and support tools: ASP, ASP.NET, MSSQL and others. In order to know what is right for you, you need to know which operating system language and your site will then determine the storage company for the best packaging for you. Please note that there is no connection between the operating system of your computer and the storage of the operating system.

Apache or Nginx server

Apache or Nginx are HTTP servers, which they can also serve as a static or image file and dynamic pages as a website page. This section is more important for developers and server administrators and less for you. In any case, if the developer wants to know, ask the storage company.

Control Panel Hosting

There are a number of control panels for the most popular storage service: Cpanel, which supports the Linux operating system, DNS management, email, FTP, and more. The second system is popular in the Plesk control panel similar to Cpanel, but it also supports the type of Windows operating system. Basically, those who manipulate you with the need for a site to know in order to use these control tables, it should be noted that the control panel for storage is not like a content management system control panel like WordPress.

Systems and Applications

Systems and applications are all systems that you intend to work with them. For example, WordPress is a content management system, Joomla, Drupal and so well-known content management systems. E-commerce systems like OpenCart and PrestaShop and more. Consult with the storage company, if your system is supported there, for each operating system in a different language does not correspond to the storage you have.

Technical support

One of the most important things you need to know when choosing a hosting company is technical support. Imagine that you install an extension or application and your site crashed, it's terrible, but even worse if you don't have any technical support at this time. If your site is new and you have no customers or visitors to use the site, you may suffer a little. But if your site is active and intermediate level, this is very bad if you do not solve this problem instantly. If your site is not simple, choose a data storage company that allows 24/7 technical support. Many companies offer telephone support, chat with a representative, email and open a website.

Https and SSL security

It is important to know if you are creating an e-commerce website, you need to install an SSL certificate, this is a security certificate in order to ensure the passage of customer information such as credit card numbers and other personal information. We recommend that you transfer the entire site to the HTTPS protocol , if it is active, and users can log in to the site. SSL certificates cost money, so check that the storage company can allow the installation of any certificate without problems. It is also possible to install an SSL certificate for free via Let's Encrypt.

Server uptime

The availability of the server several times the server was available. For example, to log into your website. Select the server available for it is 99.9% or higher. We recommend avoiding companies that offer less than 99.5%. Server availability 99.9% of the 30-day month, your site is active for 29 days, 23 hours, 16 minutes, 48 ​​seconds - in other words, your site is down for 30 days, only 43 minutes and 12 seconds.


Like your computer, if you install new software and the computer crashed, or made changes and innocent would restore another version. Check when there are backups of all your files, these very important backups are very high so that you can quickly retrieve information and, if necessary, restore the previous version.

HTTP / 2

HTTP / 2 continues the HTTP protocol, is a newer version and faster. Check with the company's storage servers allow HTTP / 2, it helps the efficiency and better speed of the site.

SSD (solid-state drive) Similarly, a standard computer is installed that allows you to insert files and data; this is actually the hardware on the hosting. Removable SSDs are faster and may allow data to be retrieved much faster and therefore companies prefer SSD drives.

Memory / Storage

The amount of storage space or how all your files together consume anywhere. Select a company offers a large amount of memory at a lower price, but on the other hand, you know how much you need. It is also important to take stock in order to develop and grow the site and do not change plans for a few moments.

CDN (content delivery network) capability

CDN is a network of servers that are located in different places, and their goal is to match the server that specific user location on your site and thereby save time charging and downloading content to an external server. Check out a company that knows to provide these services, there are companies that offer the service for free, and some for a fee for. CDN is highly recommended for medium and large sites with high traffic and volume.

Individual e-mail
This is an important part that you need to know, email refers to an email inbox personalized with your own domain, for example,, it differs only by email and you know it for free like from Google. When choosing a hosting provider to make sure that how many emails you can create, and that their maximum storage space.


This database is used for storage due to an efficient and streamlined database, so it helps to access and is easier to process. Usually stored on the hard disk and can be accessed through the storage control panel. Choose a company that offers a large number of databases for you. Of course, this is more important for your development team.

Monthly traffic

Monthly traffic is the number of visits to your site, or alternatively, the number of file downloads, with the amount of traffic above, you can get more traffic from users.

Domain Management

Many hosting companies offer a free domain for a year or a similar offer. In addition, you enjoy, check how you can manage your own domain, how to add different rules for management, DNS and more.

Website Builder

There are hosting companies that allow a web builder that makes installation of management systems or e-commerce faster and easier. No need, depending on your needs.

Hosting prices

Prices for various storage services by type of storage usually choose a website, shared storage is the cheapest from $ 1.5 to $ 25 per month, virtual dedicated server (VPS) ranged from $ 10 to $ 120. Dedicated hosting price can vary from $ 50 to $ 2000 per month, the cost of cloud storage can vary from $ 1 to $ 200 per month.

When checking the price, it is advisable to check what price you pay for the second year or higher. Many hosting companies offer a good deal in the first year and a normal price starting from the second year.
Which hosting should I choose for a one-page, a small website, an online store? What to look for?

Technologies - Software Requirements

On the official website of any CMS, you can find the minimum recommended requirements for hosting. For example:

Depending on the chosen technology for the site and a list of hosters is selected. The more requirements for hosting - the less options you have.

Algorithm one - find the official website of the CMS, see the requirements, looking for a suitable hosting. It doesn’t matter that you have a one-page made in Adobe Muse or an online store on Magento or Bitrix.

A special case - you have a working project that works stably on software versions 5-6 years ago, but the current hoster does not suit you. In this case, you will have to rent a VPS and customize it to the requirements of the site. This happens quite often, especially with various "self-written" solutions.

IP addresses
Above, I have already described possible problems due to common IP addresses, so it is advisable for commercial sites to buy dedicated IP addresses, simultaneously checking them for a ban using the link .

Dedicated IP can cost as much as hosting per month. Check it in advance. Particularly "client-oriented" providers may not be able to give a dedicated IP address even for money.

Lack of artificial restrictions
Objectively, there is no reason to limit, for example, the number of FTP accounts. To you, as the site owner, this may be important (for example, so that each employee can upload files only to a specific folder on the server). Overpay for it makes no sense. This also includes the number of databases, email accounts, etc.

Free SSL certificate
Read about the need to move to the https protocol . To date, an average of 1 cheapest SSL certificate for 1 site costs about 700 ruppees per year. If you have 10 sites, you can save a little. If you have an industrial approach (for example, separate sites for cities or regions), then you will save 700 rubles on each project.

For the sake of fairness, I must say that sometimes free certificates give errors, and do not allow the visitor to enter the site. But there are mistakes in paid certificates too.

In addition, for guaranteed operation in all browsers of paid certificates, it is recommended for each of them to use a dedicated IP address. 

The importance of creating backups is difficult to overestimate. The best option is the ability to set the interval with automatic backup of all your projects. For one of my friends, the absence of this feature caused the change of hosting. It seems easy to create a backup for 10-15 minutes. Then there were 3 sites, then 7. The pace of development was such that at least weekly backups were required.

When it became clear that each month it took about 1 business day to complete backups - he changed hosting.

Hoster uses SSDs
If anyone does not know - the SSD-drive works as a flash drive (sorry for the tautology, but there are no disks in the SSD-drive itself, there is a memory chip), and not like traditional hard drives. It works on average 3-4 times faster, on certain types of operations the speed is ten times higher.

Technical support - competence and efficiency
For any commercial project, 1 day of inactivity (and in some cases 1 hour) may entail losses, which are enough to pay for hosting five years ahead. How much is the application for the construction of a house that failed because of a non-working site? Or order in the wholesale online store? Is it worth saving on hosting, knowing how much the daily failure of your site will cost? Therefore, when choosing a hoster, pay special attention to technical support.

A common trick - supposedly round-the-clock technical support responds to applications plus or minus during working hours, for example, from 8 to 20 or from 9 to 18. You can check the speed of response to applications by creating an application at night and asking for something simple, like " how can I buy a domain purchased elsewhere to your hosting. ”

Specify in advance whether it is possible on a paid basis by technical support forces to resolve problems arising from you. It saves great time, nerves and money. How can paid services save money? Imagine the situation. Your site on the popular CMS was broken, your backup was a week ago, most likely the vulnerability remained on the site, that is, the deployment of the latest copy and the subsequent hacking is just a matter of time. Need to:

deploy the latest backup if possible;
find modified (hacked) files of the site engine using an anti-virus script and either delete them or replace them with standard files from the official CMS website;
change all passwords to eliminate the likelihood of re-hacking if it’s about them.
Offhand, how much can it cost you? It cost my friend only 500 ruppees (half an hour of paid hosting support), because for competent technical support it turned out to be a common situation.

Legal aspects of cooperation
Here I can highlight 2 points:

Provision of normal accounting documents - invoices, acts, etc.
Make sure the company even exists. To do this, look on the site for a license to provide services, at least for the first time pay for services by bank transfer.
Safety when working with contractors
If you have more than one large project that a full-time team deals with, but a zoo from small variegated projects, attend to access control.

In 2018, companies are still working in the market that do not allow using standard control panel tools to allow access from individual IP addresses, or create a user with a couple of clicks with access only to a specific site or one of the folders on this site.
How to buy suitable hosting
When choosing, pay attention to 4 factors:

1. The amount of disk space.

Small sites will be comfortable to live in a small space of up to 1 GB (landing page, business card site, etc.). Services sites, catalogs with a large number of images will need from 3 GB. Online stores with several thousand, tens of thousands of products already need from 10 GB. If users can post their content, then when selecting the amount of disk space should be guided by the popularity of the resource, the number of visits per day and the average amount of posted materials.

2. A set of technical functions and tools:

support of the technologies and scripts you need, for example: PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer, Python, PERL, Parser, SSH access. Affects the proper functioning of the site;support for popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart and others);
convenient control panel: allows using a graphical interface to work with a web server and sites hosted on it. Most popular: ISPmanager, Cpanel, Plesk Panel;round-the-clock technical support;protection of servers against DDoS-attacks, checking mail for viruses, spam and advertising;server monitoring for timely troubleshooting;

3. The level of technical support on which the speed of troubleshooting depends.

4. Value for money hosting service.

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