What Is Vpn Its Working And Setup Of Vpn

What Is Vpn Its Working And Setup Of Vpn

Hello Guys, You may have listened about VPN Applications And there are so many websites Which are Blocked. How You can Unblock and Visit Such Sites and What is a VPN Software and Which Software you can use for free and Which Software you can use for free We are going to Discuss about these Topics Today Hello Guys My name is Rahul You are welcome to Instant Trick.. So, Lets Start This  tutorial here.
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What Is Vpn Its Working And Setup Of Vpn

Who Block Websites?

The First Question in Everyones Mind is Who Blocks These Websites, So This May be 1st of all it may be your Government and 2nd The Website you are Visiting May be available in Some Specific Countries and You are Access it from a Country that is not Allowed for Traffic Or The Website is Blocked by Your Colleges and Schools or Some Administration of Such institutions

What is VPN? 

 VPN is Virtual Private Network VPN Softwares are which let you unblock websites Generally When you Visit a Website A request Goes to Your ISP Internet Service Provider Eg. Jio, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc May be any Operator or ISP So, After ISP Receive they Forward Request to Web Server of that Website But The Govt. or Administration of institutions etc as We discussed before have Said ISP's to Restrict Some Websites, Which they think not to be Used or Accessed in That place So, ISP's in Accordance to What These Authorities have specified Don't allow you to Access Such Websites But When you are using VPN Client to access such websites The VPN Client Sends Request to ISP in same Way but This Request is not For Website Server But only to the Reach VPN server and The ISP Grant Access for it and Then The Request Sent by VPN Client is Recieve by its VPN Server Which Then Forward and let us have access to The Main Server of Website So, here ISP Don't Know That We are Accessing That Website as We Just Access VPN Server and Rest VPN Server Do For us and Thus There is no Blocking by ISPs. also Govt Don't have any idea about it.. But Here You have to note it Down if you are doing something illegal and think that you will not get captured You are Wrong... The VPN Companies Will Simply Provide all Data of what you accessed and you will have no escape The Meaning is Now Complete... But if You have any Questions please Comment it you understood or this Video helped you you can leave feedback.

Which Software To Use?

 Now, We Will Discuss Which Software to Use there are so many VPN Softwares available in market Eg. IPVANISH, EXPRESSVPN, WiperVPN, Hotspot Shield etc But These are Trial Version and you have to pay for them there are also Free Version available in market...but here I have Found and a simple way I am using this for atleast 1 year and Works well This is not a Software but an Browser Extension You can Simply Install this Extension in your browser I am installing it in Google Chrome so,


Step 1. Open your Browser -Google Crome
Step 2. Click on Three Dots Button on Right Top corner
Step 3. Click more Tools Step 4. Click Extensions
 Step 5. Scrol to bottom of Screen and and Click Get more Extensions
Step 6. Search SetupVPN here and then you will find out This one SetupVPN : lifetime Free VPN Just Click ADD to Crome and then Wait...
Click Add to Crome and You will see Popup of Add Extension Click it and then Extension files will get downloaded you just have to wait and do nothing Wait Wait its Automatic Wait for this Notifications and Then its Installed.
Now you have to Click on button of SetupVPN and Then you will See Such Box... to enter email etc. You have to Create account and Click Create account here and So, put your Details here i will fill it up with my details and then Email confirm email, then I have to Check these three Boxes and Click Register You will Got an emaill so you have to check out your email id.

Now, I have to open my email Wait Gmail.com and Here it is... it will Contain my ID and Password for SetupVPN account I simply have to copy and paste it lets click on Setup VPN again and Here Enter Email and Password Recieved You can change you password after sign in and here you have can change password first
lets do that and enter new password Now I have to sign in again Enter Details again and Now, You can see touch to secure and Country selector button
You can Choose any country and then Click Touch to Secure So, will choose here India and now try it.
This is Website that appears block you can see its blocked So, Now I Turn on MY VPN and here it is and Success so, Now Refresh the Page and Its again blocked but this is different error... it is saying that webserver had blocked access to indians so, Lets change country and it will work..
Let you know that you have to change Server Location i mean Countries, sometimes Selecting one Country doesn't not unblock so,,
thats how it works Change Country to Some other and you will access website from That country Server Again Success and now Refresh page and Wait and Now you can see it is working... That All

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