What Is Tik Tok? Why Tik Tok Banned In India?

What Is Tik Tok? Why Tik Tok Banned In India?

Tik Tok was among the first applications in the world to be among the most downloaded Iphone applications. Among the most downloaded messaging applications in recent years, Tik Tok seems to be the first. What is Tik Tok? Why Tik Tok Banned In India?

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What Is Tik Tok? Why Tik Tok Banned In India?

What Is Tik Tok?

Among the most downloaded applications of recent years, there are of course messaging applications. Facebook Twitter and Instagram social networking sites, such as the first place in the messaging applications seem to be a bit surprised.Tictok is a messaging service with iOS, Android and Windows version. With Tictoc, you can share photos, videos, music, your location, lecture notes or anything you can think of.
Tictok, which can be used both on the phone and on the computer, can be installed for free. There are options such as voice calls and messaging on the application. With the Sticker, a feature that will be added to the app soon, you will be able to share with your loved ones.

Why Tik Tok Banned In India

here is a latest update about Tik Tok and that is Tik Tok is banned from India yes thats right. Tik Tok is banned fully the main reason behind this is , few boys are making video for tik tok while making video one of them died in train accident this is the main reason for this ban beside this there are many reasons for this ban also, friends there are many Indian creators that are making pornographic video and very foul language is used in their videos there is one more thing .

Tik Tok India does not have any firm rules and regulations. that if anyone use this type of language, than the account is blocked by Tik Tok or the account of such a creator is terminated from Tik Tok as you see there are firm guidelines and rules and regulations in You Tube but Tik Tok does not follow any hard rules for his creators. So keeping all these things in mind Tik Tok is going to be ban in India A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is filed in Madras High Court that appeal say that the Tik Tok must be banned from India and Madras High Court is planing to ban Tik Tok and now this case is in Supreem Court of India and now Supreem Court says that, We will consider this case, In haste we can not hear any decision, So this is the whole story behind Tik Tok ban

Here Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a notice to Google & Apple to remove this app from their App Stores, Google has removed this app from its app store. but Apple didn't remove it from its app store till now. this may be very possible that Apple might remove this app or did not remove this app and challenge this notice in future. friends as you know that Tik Tok has more than 1000 Million downloads but now all new users who want to download this app they are unable to download this app from App Store There is a question that the peoples who are already using this how long they can use this app. or how long they are able to upload their videos on Tik Tok and if any new person want to download Tik Tok from play store can he use it ....... NO ... Because Google Play Store has totally disabled Tik Tok from its app store. if you search Tik Tok in play store you can not find it there and now a question is this if i want to use Tik Tok for a while. then how can i use it. in this condition i request my friend, who already have Tik Tok installed in his mobile. i request him to send this app via share it or other sharing app and this is the way i can install this app in my mobile phone.

So people will be able to use it like this. but you can not install it directly from App Store. as you know that in India children of every age are using Tik Tok and they think that this is the only way to become popular. now what happens .......... peoples how are not mature are also using this app and making videos. Indian children reduce their birth date and year to enroll for Tik Tok they are using each and every method to enroll for this app friends these are the reasons of banning Tik Tok from India There are many users of age 12 years 14 year in India who are using this app. you don`t believe that children who are under age are also making videos on Tik Tok and this addiction is ruining their life for ever. children are uploading every type of video to get fame on Tik Tok in India.

These children are not paying attention towards their studies. and there are many creators on Tik Tok there videos are not of any worth specially for minors. for teenagers and below teenage group children. but there is no restriction and all material is accessible to every one. ladies, old age, little children all are watching these porn videos on Tik Tok Abusive language, adultery, all is available on Tik Tok for every one. you can easily see porn material on Tik Tok also. There is no restriction from Tik Tok Videos that are encouraging adultery, pornography, or abusive language or any type of material that is not suitable for viewing for public. that is not being stopped by Tik Tok, as youtube do. as you know that youtube guidelines are very strict youtube give you strike for such material now a days it is also very hard to post these type of material on youtube also. but Tik Tok dose not have any thing like this.

In future if Tik Tok wants to survive in Indian Market, then he has to change his guidelines and rules and regulation any how. Only then Tik Tok can survive in India. So friends this is the update i want to give you. So friends tell me that is it ok to ban Tik Tok from India or it not be banned from India Give me your precious comment and suggestion in comment section.

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