Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool For Keyword Research - Seo

Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool For Keyword Research - Seo 

Can you read the Internet? Can you find out the links to any website, the links it receives, whether it is doing SEO work or not, and what words are used by the websites that mention it? Yes, all of these things can be done. Already Google boots are doing these things continuously. However, we may need this kind of information from SEO experts at any moment, and unfortunately Google does not share this information with us. That's why we use software such as SEOMOZ Tool or Ahrefs. Today I will tell you how to use Ahrefs.

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ahrefs backlink checker seo tool

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is one of the best known tools in the SEO analysis and backlink area. At the moment, it is a tool to highlight other similar services with the widest base on live links, large directories and best speed index updates. A software that continually updates its algorithms to provide customers with the freshest and most true backlink data.

Apart from that, it is a tool that follows all the new trends in SEM and SEO world and takes care to reflect these trends quickly to its users. In this article we will talk about the general features of Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Features

Site Explorer : With  this tool you can easily analyze your site's backlink profile and your competitors' sites. This tool will be useful if you want to discover the most profitable keywords for organic and paid search. You can easily analyze the keywords you rank here and see how many rankings you rank in these words, and direct your SEO work in this direction.

Content Explorer: Content explorer helps you find the most shared content of any topic with the most sharing space on social media channels.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:  This tool helps you get alternative word ideas and traffic forecasts related to the keywords you search . The tool that gives you the option of alternate vocabulary and the monthly search volume of the word you are increasing and how difficult it is to rank in this word. 
You can also do regular follow up by adding your domain to the dashboard section.  You can set up weekly, daily or monthly notifications to retrieve lost backlinks, new keywords, and comments. With the Rank Tracker tool, you can add keywords and track changes in the position of these keywords over time. In addition, you can upload a list of disavapped links to Ahrefs, and you can exclude these links from your reports.

Ahref can easily replace different SEO tools: Since it gives you new ideas for link building and content analysis, it has become almost a necessity to use it for any SEO work. Ahrefs is one of the essential tools of an SEO expert.

Ahrefs Alternatives

Ahrefs the different services that can also be an alternative course there . However, according to the opinion of many experts is now the best tools on the market for ahrefs. However, if you want to try different services as an alternative, you can take a look at the popular alternatives instead of ahrefs;

  1.  http://backlinkwatch.co
  2.  http://www.backlinktest.co
  3.  http://explorer.cognitiveseo.co
  4.  http://www.linkbird.co
  5.  https://www.linkody.co
  6.  http://www.linkresearchtools.com/tools/blp/

Ahrefs Premium

Ahrefs is not only a well-known tool by all but also the most expensive service since there are no better working alternatives in the market. In order to receive accurate and complete reporting " free " ie free membership type is not enough. Ahrefs has many different premium types of paid membership. Some of these membership types provide features such as position tracking, while others offer keyword discovery. https://www.ahrefs.com/pricing-plans and you can see ahrefs premium membership fees.

Why Should You Use Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is the most useful tool in terms of backlinks. Knowing what work is done by achieving the backlink performance of competitors can be a guide for your backlink work. You can also access your own backlinks. In this way, you can reject unwanted backlinks, you can increase the backlink quality of the site.
Ahrefs is a tool with the skills of finding keywords. Finding new keywords is an ideal application to review competitors' keywords.
You can also use this tool to know what steps your competitors have taken in Adwords campaigns.

Accessing a number of vital data from a SEO perspective with one tool reduces the cost of SEO investment. Although monthly payment plans are high, Ahrefs is one of the most used tools of SEO experts.

The analyzes you can get using Ahrefs;

  • Competitive backlink analysis.
  • You can make a list of the most valuable pages of competitors.
  • You can observe comparative keyword performances of competitors.
  • You can reach the rates of Nofollow and Dofollow links.
  • You can browse data about the links provided from your site.
  • You can list all data about organic traffic from search engines.
  • You can browse the pages that competitors have the most backlink.
  • You can list the sites that sell backlink.
  • You can review the broken backlines.
  • You can list competitors' AdWords campaigns.
  • You can reach SERP statistics of competitors.
  • You can make new keyword lists.

How Ahrefs Works

Ahrefs uses sophisticated scanning software to recreate the way search engines view sites. This allows the user to see the complex networks of incoming connections. In addition, it is also possible to analyze the content at the page level and you can use Ahrefs to sort the content in order of popularity. With this type of information, Ahrefs allows you to create a full content type that you know people want to read. Ahrefs gives you the roadmap you need to move faster.

How to Use Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers multiple automations that can be used for digital marketing. It will be much more accurate to examine them in order and to explain how to use them.

Competitor analysis:
With Ahrefs, it is possible to analyze the traffic of your competitors in search engines. Simply type the link of the competitor's website into the search box. Then you can do a full analysis of Ahrefs's 3 SEO tools. With the Ahrefs competitor analysis tool, you can conduct an organic traffic survey, a backlink controller and a paid traffic survey so you can get detailed information about your competitors.

Keyword Research:
To use this tool, just type the keywords you want to search in the search box. With keyword research, you can access new keyword ideas, see keyword difficulty, and take advantage of advanced metrics.

Content Research:
Using this tool, you can see which content works best with any keyword, and you can reach details. You can find all the contents of your keyword with this tool and see the link amounts of these contents and organic search traffic.

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