How To Download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update

How To Download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update

hello friends welcome to Instant Trick today i gonna tell you about zombie mode in pubg mobile if you want to know what is pubg and how to download pubg game in this post I will tell you pubg zombie mode release date I'm gonna tell you some brand new details about the zombie mode in pubg where you can fight with zombies at the same time you can fight with other player pubg mobile zombie mode update is mostly awaited to all the users of the players unknown.Game developer Tencent released zombie mode for pubg mobile on 19 february, i also clarify how to play zombie mode in pubg mobile.
How To Download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update

What Is Pubg ?

Is it all started with the man Brendan Greene who uses the online alias player unknown he is a designer who worked previously on a battle royal mode called days for a survival game called ARMA 2 this experience of designing a large world shooter allowed him to start thinking about the ideal shooter that he'd want to make some day he wanted something in a large map that would be hard to memorize and contain random drops and equipment so there's always an unpredictable nature he then moved on to a game called h1z1 both of these games contain zombie in  pubg both of these games also featured modes that we've now called battle royale or unknown battle I mean large numbers of players facing each other inspired by the film battle royale and the film's inspired by it such as The Hunger Games was at this point the Green was approached by a South Korean based developer called Blue Hole that brought green on to develop a large globally played battle royale game which eventually became known as battlegrounds pc games it features a hundred players at a time who are all on a plane that flies over the map and they can choose when to drop from the plane and then they parachute to their desired location you can either play this game on your own or with a team of up to four people once you land you then have to look throughout the map for weapons armor and even vehicles to help you travel the large map now it would be easy just to lock yourself into one of these buildings and wait it out so there is a shrinking zone incorporated into the game that forces players to constantly move towards the center if players stay outside the zone for too long and eventually kills them the very last player live wins and is praised with the statement winner winner chicken dinner as you win you get in-game currency that can be used for cosmetic upgrades that change the way your player looks there are a handful of maps available to play with more on the way pubg was available exclusively on PCs for a long time before becoming available on Xbox one and pubg mobile was a huge hit when it first arrived 

zombie mode pubg 

pubg mobile version 0.11.0 now out from the beta version which comes with different features and modes pubg tied up with resident evil 2 and in zombie mode you can fight to survive with zombies and kill them to get resources and weapons and items but here are various types of zombies some are spitters who spit acid ball towards you some large zombies who can block your bullets in this update added resident evil menu theme and music.Also added weather moonlight mode to vikendi map.and added the push to talk chat between battlegrounds,by selecting a friend with synergy 400 or above as partner to stand with you which is called personel space where player players connection and information are shown.the update size for android is 436MB. Survive Till Dawn a name updated from Sunset in zombie survival mode,it is a limited time event mode in which player can fight with zombies and resident evil 2 bosses at same time fighting for others players in battleground,players can now choose the sanhok in the arcade quick match.Anniversary emotes , avatars and frames are added to the Pubg mobile.New weather a night mode with a full moon gives it a amazing gaming playing experience.
How To Download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update

pubg mobile zombie mode download

How to play zombie mode in pubg mobile

  1. You have to open play store in your android phone
  2. Now go to top left corner to the search bar.
  3. now look for pubg mobile 
  4. than tap it on open it and than tap on update which will start updating pubg mobile zombie mode update 
  5. after the finishing of update you have to open the game and wait some time for it to complete its process
  6. when it done it will show a pop up showing Update Finished
  7. than kindly restart the game and enjoy to play zombie mode in pubg


Pubg mobile collaborate with Resident Evil 2 first it was available for the beta version now it accessible for all the users pubg mobile zombie mode update was mostly liked mode in beta version so Tencent announced pubg zombie mode release date would be 19 february i also told you what is pubg mobile and How To Download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update if you have any query you can comment below and share this post with your family and friends.

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